• What is Content Korea Lab?

    1. Content Korea Lab provides the venue to create contents convergence for contents creators in the central and local areas.
    2. Central (Seoul) Lab: located in Daehank-ro, Dongsung-dong, Seoul
    3. Local(Gyeonggi, Incheon, Gyeongbuk, Daegu, Busan, Jeonbuk) Lab: Localized contents 

  • What is the mission of Content Korea Lab Jeonbuk?

    1. To create new innovative contents in the convergence of games, characters, crafts, and other contents
    2. To encourage creators to have self-esteem and improve their practical skills by completing a prototype in the way of supporting contents creation
    3. To perform a team (2-4 members) project based program with passions of individuals 

  • How does Content korea Lab Jeonbuk perform operation?

    1. Recruit/Select -> Idea Convergence Program: Creation of team prototypes -> Showcase -> Startup Power Station Program: Development of business contents & items
    2. Customized support for creation and performance of 2-4 persons based team project
    3. Review personal ideas -> Build 20 teams -> Confirm a team idea -> Assign a team management mentor -> Develop creative work & prototype
    4. Mentoring for making, Special lecture for insight boom-up, Quality improvement in prototype, Development in business contents, Support for contents startup 

  • How does Content Korea Lab support a project?

    1. Assign a team mentor essential to implement an idea
    2. Support the materials and equipment necessary to implement an idea
    3. Provide outside human resources and support consultation cost to complete a prototype
    4. Promote a prototype and expand feedback channel: open a showcase
    5. Select the teams for Startup Power Station Program: provide the opportunity to develop a prototype, start up, and run business 

  • What kinds of prototype does each team have?

    1. Digital contents: games, apps, e-book, etc.
    2. Service planning & directing: online & offline connection service, contents based offline service
    3. Character products: 3D Model-Printing, Craft
    4. Creative works of public arts: public contents & design exhibition & relevant planning 

  • What are the membership rules of Content Korea Lab Jeongbuk (Idea Convergence & Startup Power Station) Program?

    1. Compliance with team work schedule: team creative work 2-3 times a week (Lab Creation Room); mentoring twice a month according to team schedule (planning, creation, development, etc.)
    2. Participation in official JBCKL events: contents creation camp, famous mentor talk concert, workshop, etc.
    3. Online & offline networking with mentors: active problem-solving for project
    4. Joyful networking and work activities in JBCKL (work space is available 24 hours, snack bar (beverage & snacks) support, use of materials & equipment, etc.) 

  • What is the schedule of Idea Convergence Project?

    1. Project planning camp (2 nights & 3 days): team-building & detailed project planning, pre-making
    2. Completion and making of team project plan
    3. Team prototype making and team mentoring
    4. Team Prototype Demo Day
    5. Startup Power Station Audition
    6. Final Showcase Exhibit 

  • What is the schedule of Startup Power Station Project?

    1. Startup Power Station Audition
    2. Planning and mentoring for contents based business item
    3. Upgrading of contents based business prototype
    4. Mentoring for commercial investment & support 
    5. Final Showcase Exhibit